‘Tis the season….For a little Feel Myotherapy

It’s that time of year. Again. Christmas is just around the corner. Work is busier than even because that report/sales meeting/ follow up/ account closure whatever IT is needs to be complete before Christmas!

Why is that? The world keeps turning. Most businesses, these days close for the major days, then open the few days before New Year… Why do we create this mad frenzied feeling before this supposedly wonderful time of the year?

Personally I like to be home & available to see people in my clinic this time of year because it’s usually a bit more relaxed. Some people go into work for a couple of hours & are very productive because there are less interruptions.

Meanwhile – I should be busier than Santa because activities ramp up due to the gift of giving – new bikes/skates/boards of all types/tennis & cricket season… You know the drill! If any of you out there in corporate world feel the need to “show the kids how it’s done” please book in to see me before you do.

You will be sore, tired, hungover, busy, frustrated… People will want to catch up with you before next year. We all have choices. One thing I would like to share with you is I am working before the New Year. So book in on line www.feelmyotherapy.com.au while it is a little bit quiet on the roads & you need to look after you!