The family and balance myth was our choice. To have a child is to have a *juggle in our lives. It is a fabulous *juggle to deal with everyday, as it was an eye opener this afternoon when I was talking to a lady who doesn’t have that choice. Maybe I am blessed to have my small family, some people can’t! Yet I still find time in my diary for me, so I can have the best of all worlds. When I say all worlds I mean work life balance, family time, social time, me time. The juggle I speak of is juggling time, space, emotions, money, work, where to live, where to go on holidays, what to do on the weekends.

These are all decisions we make as parents, adults, responsible people looking after our children, siblings, younger people around us. Yet some folk still dwell on what they don’t have. I get it, but we all have choices to help ourselves right? Do something small each day that make your day great.¬† If that means having a coffee from your favorite cafe, then do that. If that means eating lunch outside, away from your desk – then do that! It’s the small things, I think, we take for granted that can make such a big difference in our own lives. This in turn makes us happy which then make our day run a bit smoother and at the end of the day isn’t that what matters? If you’re happy then your family will be happy too?

For those of us that know ‘the cup is half empty’ type of people it can be difficult to change their out look; and that can be difficult to be happy¬† around these people. So if we can do something for ourselves to help fill our cups, do that. Look after yourself, because no one else does it the same way.

Find that thing in your life that you love to do and keep doing it. If it’s something that needs time and/or money, keep working towards it – it can and will happen. Fill your own cup, it makes it so much easier to help others fill theirs.

Be a leader for yourself, someone may take note and want to follow you down your path! How exciting to share your great life with others? If they only come part of the way with you that’s better than nothing. My point is there seems to be a myth that we can’t have it all. What I know is we may not be able to have it all, all of the time. We can work towards having it all, and that is what makes us all different and yet all striving for something at the end of the race. Enjoy life, keep moving forward and breathe. Life’s too short! Even at 100, to be disappointed.