I know I may be a bit early, but have you thought about your New Years resolutions?

Here’s one to add to the list – Look After Myself Better.

It seems selfish all the time you put into feeling, looking & being your best, but people notice! If you ran yourself ragged during 2015, maybe it’s time to sit back & see how things can improve for you, your relationships, your work, your family in 2016. If you try to do too much, it’s over kill.

My suggestion is to try something new once a month & if you like it & it works in with your timetable, keep doing it. Start a new sport or continue with the one you’ve been doing since high school, but if you feel a bit under the weather put someone in your place & look after you. I have some tips & tricks to help you with this. From resting to stretching to drinking more water to move a little bit more than usual.

Come and see me for an overview of of your health and we will discuss what is not working for you at the moment & I will see how I can help you. Sometimes you just need to jog your memory & know that you can do it at home, work and play to make it through the next week or season!

If you’re not in love with it, just stop for a bit. See if it’s the thing you miss.

If you’re injured, have a rest and get back to playing capacity. You’ll play better & your team will love you for it.

You may need to add something to your routine to get some balance back into you life & game. It might take effort or it might be easy.

It could be how you’re using your spiky ball, foam roller or Thera band that makes all the difference. I can help you with that!

Book in to see me

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Just one appointment with me could see you back in the game of life earlier than you think!