Hello. Tonight I sit and write this post as I ponder what 2017 will bring to me or, more to the point, what I can get out of this year.

I have been meaning to do this for a long time. Since mid 2016 actually, so why haven’t I? Limiting beliefs? Procrastinating? Putting it off to do something else? Blaming others, except myself, for getting in my way? Thinking I don’t know how or where to start? All of the above really. So what better day or date to start something than the 1st of January 2017 (insert year here for future reference)!

From history and my own way of being, why can’t I commit to myself? Most of us have been or are here, making new years resolutions and not even giving them a chance to bloom, let alone grow to anything advantageous to ourselves or anyone else. I am only discouraging, disarming and hurting me. Why am I not getting out there and sharing what I know with you?  It’s my aim this year, to share my knowledge and shine my light with those who choose to watch, read, listen and participate.

Isn’t that a silly thing we do as humans? We seek and pay for advice from others, yet we don’t listen to ourselves enough to trust our own intuition and gut feeling!? That’s what happens to me. Well,  the buck stop here. Tonight! From now on you will be seeing, hearing, reading and participating as much as possible and I am going to do the same. For me it’s about getting people to move more so they will move better and be pain less. I didn’t say pain free, just pain less. Move more, with less pain than usual. So using my own knowledge and information I pick up along the way I will share this information with you.

For me it’s about trying different things to get my body to move and stretch in ways I thought impossible because I hadn’t tried it yet. So over time, together, I hope we can build each other up, share our discoveries together and move better and in less pain than we have today, tonight, and in our past. I pledge to make a commitment to myself and to you to do new stretches, to get a new routine, to participate in life – where I would have made an excuse not to in the past. I will share my discoveries with you. Please come on the ride with me. I can assure you by December 31, 2017 you will feel better, discover something about yourself and be thankful you gave it a red hot go!

Happy New Year everybody!