Movement. It seems to be the new catch cry of the health industry.

Just move. Just walk. Just run.

This is easier said than done. What happens when your body just won’t move? You have an injury or a disease where you can’t move. You want to but your body systems are out of whack and aren’t talking to each other to allow movement to happen?

I think it’s important to listen to our bodies and rest, take it easy getting back to movement – what ever that looks like for you.

So if you are finding it difficult to move because you’ve lost your motivation, your drive, your lust for life. Look after yourself, take it easy and just do what you can when you can as often as you can. It will get better and you will get more movement back.

Speak to your therapist, doctor, specialist about it. If they can’t help you directly they should be able to send you to someone who can.

Make small changes every day. If you know you eat the wrong foods, change what you are eating. If you don’t like drinking water, try putting fruit or vegetables in your water. Add something to your water that will benefit your health, not destroy it.

If you can’t walk around the block, just try walking around your yard first or up and down the street. Once you get comfortable doing this activity, change it up again to get uncomfortable. No one changes being comfortable!

Just be gentle on yourself and try not to criticize your slow progress. All progress is a good thing.

Sometimes we just need to take it easy so we can go hard again. If you lack motivation to move – stretching is a form of movement too.

Stretching can be done lying down, sitting down or standing up.

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