Look After Your Feet And Legs This Spring

So we’ve enjoy the first few good days of spring. We went for a

run/jog/walk, then on the way home you thought – it’s such a great day

today I’m going to wear my thongs/sandles/strappy heels!

It’s now Monday and we are back at work in our work shoes and our legs

and feet are still recovering from the weekend of bad, unusual shoes! How

and why is this happening to me? It was only a short time on the weekend.

Yes, I know the feeling. This winter has been so long and cold, we

haven’t been training our feet to wear these types of shoes for ages! As

for standing around in these shoes for longer than normal – I just

haven’t done it since the last sunny day last Autumn! Do I really need to

train for this? The short answer is yes. Yet if I give you some tips &

things you can do to prevent this happening again will you do it?

So may I suggest you wear these other shoes for short bursts during the

week? Just to get your feet and legs used to them again? Then change into

your more supportive shoe, such as runners or shoes that cover your feet

more. The ones that don’t over use your toes & smaller muscles to hold

the shoe on your foot & are lower to the ground? By doing this during the

week, either when your making dinner and just hanging out at home –

you’re in training. You’re preparing your feet & muscles to do some work

they haven’t done for ages! This will help buildup your proprioception

where you are subconsciously aware of you’re body & limbs in space, to

prevent injury. The smaller muscles in your feet & legs will gain

strength. As for the strength you will gain to last the party season – Christmas & New Year- it will really help you! So check out my YouTube clip regarding high heels & start training for the party season ahead!

Love from Ainslie xxx