Let’s talk death.

In the last week I’ve attended a memorial service & a funeral. Both women I have known, one a lot longer than the other, yet both having an impact on me.

The first was a memorial service for a young woman, 34 years to be exact, who died of bowel cancer. Yep. Read that line again to make sure you read it right. 34 year old & died of bowel cancer. She was fit & healthy. She was a dancer, yoga & Pilates instructor. She was a daughter, sister & girlfriend. I knew her for a short time, but it was a great time. We were the originals of a new & growing business in Melbourne city. We were invincible, happy go lucky ladies, living our lives & helping others. We were happy.

Then she told us about her diagnosis. We were all shocked, sad & uncomfortable. How could someone so fit , healthy & young have this disease? She had been to the doctor about symptoms a few times before she was sent for further investigation. Then we heard it had metastasis to her liver, pancreas & other organs in her already small body.

Her memorial was really special.

The other lady was a great Aunt. She had been part of my life, my whole life. We spent family holidays with her, we stayed in her house. She told funny, dirty jokes. She taught all the babies in the family ‘rolly – poly’ & always played The Bird Dance. She laughed a lot, even though some stories about her life were hard. One of 11 children can never be easy.

Yet this lady lived until 82. This lady also had bowel cancer, found towards the end of her days, yet found due to other health issues. Great Aunt had not always had health on her side. She survived so many bouts of epidermal carcinomas. Spinal surgery. Her house was robbed while recovering at home in her own bed from said surgery. Multiple car accidents, some minor. Some major. She had seen many funerals. 2 parents. 3 brothers. 4 sisters. In laws, family members, friends. Her funeral was very emotional, due to seeing her family & knowing how she was the last time I saw her.

What’s the moral to me telling you these two stories? Please look after yourselves.

I love helping people start their health journey. I love helping people stay on their health path. I love helping people with their health, whatever level they’re at. Why do people bust their gut to make work their priority? Why do we avoid health appointments because we have a work project or we feel we might let the team down? What would happen if we actually took some time out to check our health? How would the team feel if you never finished that work project because you were getting treatment for a serious health issue or you were dying?

Trust yourself. Trust your instincts about your body. If something doesn’t feel right & you’not happy with the answers you’re getting, please seek another opinion. Maybe look at what you’re NOT doing as well as what you ARE doing about your health. There’s always room for improvement- I know that as well as anyone! I know we can help each other be the best we can be. I know what I do can help a lot of people. I also know I can’t do it by myself. I need your help to make your health your project