I have recently celebrated my 40th birthday, and I want the world to know it! I think it’s exciting to hit 40 because all your life you’re waiting to get to ‘that point…’.
How do you know you’ve reached it & what are the other milestones we forget as we hurtle towards ‘that point…’?
Now I may sound a little woo woo going through some major milestones, but stay with me. Being born… A MAJOR milestone. The fact you survived growing in an unstable, sometimes hostile environment like a uterus is fabulous! All the environmental happenings inside & out of your mothers womb is testament to her & you. Look into it of your not sure about the trials of a growing baby. Being a 70’s baby you are more likely to be born into a smokey & boozy situation. If your parents/ guardian were of the social norm of that time you may have had one or more adults smoking in you house, having a regular alcoholic beverage with dinner & let’s not forget the safety regulations that were bought in during the 70’s such as compulsory wearing of car seat belts! You did it – you survived!

Getting through primary school. Yes, I know it doesn’t sound like such a big thing, ‘cause we all do it, right? Well no, not everyone is capable of getting through the easier part of formal education like primary school. The mental, social & physical growth spurts we have in these formative years is crucial to how we behave later in our years in high school. If you don’t get through primary it may be difficult for you to be mature enough in high school. So well done you getting through primary school!

High school. Now I know not everyone makes this but if you get to year 10, form 4… You’re doing alright. So if you know you don’t like school usually you have a job in mind & you leave school to pursue this choice. Well done that is mature of you. If you leave school for other reasons,that fine too. None of my business. But by now you are seen as a young adult. You make choices for yourself, not always good but that’s your choice. You are heading to adult hood! Phew!

So after starting part/full time work, you’re out of home possibly renting or sharing a house with a friend. This is the big time. You’re paying your way, taxes, university education, car expenses, travel expenses & what ever else comes your way. Well done! Now you are looking for a future mate to share your life with, if that’s what you want to do. Some people love their own company & don’t want to share anything with that other person… So be it.

So now you’re coming up to 40, look back on all you have achieved. You’re a fully fledged adult. Working, raising a family, having a career or looking for a career change? Now think about what you were doing at 30… I think 40 is the new 30, but bigger & definitely better! That’s just my opinion.

Happy 40th birthday to all the babes born in 1975.