What you focus on is what you get.

If you focus on the negative, depressing, angry, frustrating things happening right now – it will get worse because you’re not helping yourself get out of the funk?

When the shit hits the fan, it flies all over the place and its hard to clean up. But when you’re having fun and push through the shit – how good is life? Things at work and play don’t seem so bad. You deal with difficulties a lot easier than when you’re stuck in the negative thought pattern.

So if you want some changes in your life, focus on the positive and do things that make you happy. If you can’t afford to fly away, walk away. Walking is a great activity to change your mindset. It gives you some down time and you don’t need any special equipment to do it. Find a nice path through a garden or park or beside some water and walk.

Once you re-evaluate what’s happening, then you can clear some negative thinking patterns and work your way up! If you’re moving and breathing – you’re living, and that’s what matters.

If there’s something big you’re focusing on and you can’t get it right now, do the little things to guide you towards it. Ask the right people for help. Surround yourself with the feeling of having it right now and focus on how you feel. Focus on how it will feel for the rest of your days when you achieve the ‘big’ thing. It’s exciting and gives you warm fuzzies doesn’t it?

One of my big things is to help more people move better and be pain less. I need to put myself out there so people know who I am and what I do. I need to keep educating myself about my purpose and discover who’s doing what I want to do already. Who do I want to help and how can I help them? I need to stay focused on how that will make me feel when I get positive results. I need to focus on growing my tribe so they tell their people about me so they join my tribe too. That to me is so exciting and I positive and productive.  Using my skills as a myotherapist, using my knowledge to get people moving everyday at home, at work and on holidays is what I want for my tribe. If I focus on moving myself, I can give people ideas and structure on how they can do it too.

Look out for Stretch School – it’s coming soon. I’m staying focused on that so I can change too.