Cupping Sucks!

“Cupping” (or cupping treatment) is the ancient art of suction cups used throughout the ages to increase blood flow, help with cold, damp and wind movement around the body (traditional Chinese Medicine techniques) and help with other pathological factors. One of the earliest forms of cupping to be recorded was 281 -341 A.D. The material used for these types of cups were usually animal horns.

Applying cups the more traditional way is to use heat within the cup itself. The cups used in this method are glass cups. Using heat to ‘burn’ the oxygen within the cup just before it is placed on the skin. This is known as fire cupping. It is still used to this day, usually by Chinese Medicine doctors.

The type of cupping treatment I use is with a vacuum cupping set. This is where a ‘gun’ application is placed on top of the valve at the top of the cup and air is sucked out of the cup. This creates a negative pressure, which in turn allows the tissue to be lifted up into the cup rim.

The pressure causes changes beneath the skin including muscles and fascia. This type of cupping helps muscles be stretched away from the skeleton, while increasing blood flow. It also helps move out toxins from the deeper muscle fibres in the area the cups are working. It can be uncomfortable for the initial application of the cup.

After a short time most people don’t even know they are still on them. As I take them off a lot of my clients say – “oh, are they still there? I didn’t even feel them”.

Using this type of cupping treatment can help in the repair phase of injury can prevent scarring of the local area, correctly align collagen fibres during the repair phase and assist in the reduction of localised inflammation and aids recovery by increasing nutrient rich blood supply to the injured area. Most areas of the body can have cupping applied to aid in recovery of injury, post-surgery (with-in reason), scarring and collagen matrix repair.

There are different techniques used during the application of a cupping session. It will depend on what is happening in your body to what technique I will use and the area where I am using it. I have great results using it on and around the lower jaw to release TMJ pain.

A lot of my clients really enjoy the cupping I use on their muscles to relax, it’s not as painful as trigger point therapy, and the results last longer than some of the massage techniques I use and are quick and easy for both the client, and me as the therapist. Sometimes there is a bruised look after using cupping, but I will let you know beforehand so if you have an event on, and you don’t want cupping marks, I can adjust the technique so there will be no trace of cupping on you.

Book in to see me for a cupping treatment, usually half an hour will do, for a specific area. You will really enjoy it!

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