Spring is in the air, love is all around, birds are singing, sun is shining – sometimes; & there is a change of seasons. Winter is fading & Spring is around the corner. If you’re anything like me this really plays up with your sinuses. Apart from the usual nasal sprays, antihistamines & other remedies you use, have you thought about Myotherapy or more treatment for your immune system? Manual Lymphatic Drainage is wonderful to help you drain away fluid from your face & the rest of your body.

Relaxation is top of the pops during this treatment & it helps your body rest & recover all at the same time!

Using very gentle, surface pressure to push the lymph fluid around your body & help the lymph nodes clear out to be more productive than usual! You may feel a bit drowsy during & after the treatment, but give it time & you will notice the difference in how you feel generally. It takes a few appointments in a short period of time to get the lymph kick started but once it’s running it feels fabulous!

You can come in and have a little snooze while I’m treating you – it can even help students completing their VCE because they get time out from their study, have a good sleep & then go home for dinner & do some more study! We all want the best out of our body & mind, so why not get some help with that? Book on line for your next appointment at www.feelmyotherapy.com.au, it can’t hurt.