New Beginnings… for some of us!

Hello. Tonight I sit and write this post as I ponder what 2017 will bring to me or, more to the point, what I can get out of this year.

I have been meaning to do this for a long time. Since mid 2016 actually, so why haven’t I? Limiting beliefs? Procrastinating? Putting it off to […]

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New Beginnings

I know I may be a bit early, but have you thought about your New Years resolutions?

Here’s one to add to the list – Look After Myself Better.

It seems selfish all the time you put into feeling, looking & being your best, but people notice! If you ran yourself ragged during 2015, maybe it’s time […]

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‘Tis the season….

‘Tis the season….For a little Feel Myotherapy
It’s that time of year. Again. Christmas is just around the corner. Work is busier than even because that report/sales meeting/ follow up/ account closure whatever IT is needs to be complete before Christmas!

Why is that? The world keeps turning. Most businesses, these days close for the major days, […]

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How To Stretch And Strengthen Your Feet

How To Stretch And Strengthen Your Feet

If you struggle with shin pain, like shin splints, or foot pain, these short exercises can help strengthen the muscles in and around that area that will help to alleviate the pain and discomfort that you’re feeling.

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Look After Your Feet And Legs

Look After Your Feet And Legs This Spring

So we’ve enjoy the first few good days of spring. We went for a

run/jog/walk, then on the way home you thought – it’s such a great day

today I’m going to wear my thongs/sandles/strappy heels!

It’s now Monday and we are back at work in our work shoes and our […]

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Change Of Seasons

Spring is in the air, love is all around, birds are singing, sun is shining – sometimes; & there is a change of seasons. Winter is fading & Spring is around the corner. If you’re anything like me this really plays up with your sinuses. Apart from the usual nasal sprays, antihistamines & other remedies […]

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How Are You Going?

How are you going?

This winter has been so cold, dark & long. How are you going?
I’m not sure about you, but I’m just surviving. Little breaks to Sydney & self learning over some weekends have given me a break from my usual routine. What a saving grace it has been too.

Changes to my diet & […]

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Is 40 Really The New 30?

I have recently celebrated my 40th birthday, and I want the world to know it! I think it’s exciting to hit 40 because all your life you’re waiting to get to ‘that point…’.
How do you know you’ve reached it & what are the other milestones we forget as we hurtle towards ‘that point…’?
Now I may […]

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Let’s Talk Death.

Let’s talk death.

In the last week I’ve attended a memorial service & a funeral. Both women I have known, one a lot longer than the other, yet both having an impact on me.

The first was a memorial service for a young woman, 34 years to be exact, who died of bowel cancer. Yep. Read that […]

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