Carpal Tunnel Treatment – Where Does That Get You?

What is carpal tunnel, and is there an appropriate carpal tunnel treatment that works?

Carpal Tunnel is the name given to a structure in our wrists made up of 4 bony prominences. On the area of your hand, near your little finger, there’s the Pisiform and Hook of hamate. On the other side of your hand, near your thumb, is the Scaphoid tuberosity and Tubercle of trapezium.

Then over the top of these is a sheath of skin called the flexor retinaculum. Through this ‘tunnel’ runs the tendons that allows your fingers to fold into you hand, the flexor tendons. These tendons and the median nerve to run into the hand, allowing movement and sensations helping your hands feel.

With over use and compression of the median nerve this will cause tingling, numbness in your hand and possibly pain and muscle atrophy, if left too long.

People who have been playing racquet sports or the dominant hand of tradesmen often show up with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome due to over use. It is at this point (possibly sooner) that you should seek an appropriate carpal tunnel treatment to combat the problem.

With some soft tissue massage along the forearm and into the hand, if not too painful, the symptoms can be relieved. Wearing a support bandage to bed or at rest can also help the issues.

Keeping the wrist straight and open for the nerve to conduct sensations into the hand freely, as well help the muscle around the wrist relax without pain. You will have to adjust your work station to keep the wrist from bending and crushing the nerve into the hand. Heavy lifting is also not advised as this puts strain on the tendons of the fingers.

Gentle exercises will be given to any patient with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome to keep the wrist open and arm strong. Each set of exercises will be based on each individual case. So some exercises might be the same from friend to friend or partner to partner yet there will be small differences for each person.

This sort of carpal tunnel treatment will allow the discomfort to subside, and in most cases allow you to continue to work, rest and play with the problem, but you’ve at least managed it.

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